Nick Evans is an award winning designer

I design websites for people

Because the web should be simpler, even if that makes design difficult. A great example is the website I worked on at C&G Partners for the City University of New York Graduate Center. This wasn't just a university, this was an institution trying to be known as a cultural center hosting public seminars, concerts, courses and more. The front page needed to convey this multiplicity from the start, and the rest of the website needed to help you navigate it. The front page became a sliding bookshelf, explaining each facet of the site as the user investigated, and inside we created dashboards for each area of interest.

I started out designing for print

This is where I learnt to tell stories. Working on branding, books and brochures taught me how to communicate a message, before I ever learnt how to communicate an interaction. Working for over three years for ex-Pentagram man Thomas Manss added a dash of German ordnung to what I'd learnt doing a Masters at the Royal College of Art. I discovered how to make the case for buying $10,000 speakers as well as how to craft a Red Dot award winning monograph.

I can code what I design.

Because I'm not just designing for the screen. I'm designing for Safari Reader, Instapaper, Flipboard, and yes, Google. That means looking under the hood as well as designing something that's feasible from the start. Moreover, I won't code better than your senior developer, but I can talk in his language.

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